What is a baby hedgehog called?


A baby hedgehog is called a hoglet. However in the previous years a baby hedgehog was referred to as a kitten, a kit, a pup or a piglet. In even more ancient times they were simply called baby hedgehogs. Hedgehogs are mammals and are herbivorous.
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A litter. A single baby is called a hoglet.
Until relatively recently there was no well established word for a baby hedgehog. Although the word kit had occasionally been used, and sometimes pup or piglet, most books about mammals
A baby hedgehog is called a hoglet. The babies are born without quills and have a thin membrane covering them.
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A baby Hedgehog is called a pup.
A hedgehog is in the family of insectivorous mammals. They feed on insects and plant vegetation. Hedgehogs look like guinea pigs and have spiny spikes on their skin they use for protective measures. The young ones of hedgehogs are called hoglets or just plain baby hedgehogs.
Baby hedgehogs are called hoglets.Some people however just call them baby hedgehog.
Hedgehogs are rodents that resembles porcupines and are spiky for beauty and self defence. The baby hedgehogs are called hoglets.
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