What Are Basic Clerical Duties?


The basic clerical duties are answering the phone, word processing and document creation, filing and sorting information and record keeping.
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Customer service and interpersonal skills are very important in an administrative position. These professionals are often required to answer phones, which may have multiple extensions
clerical duties he has to see maintance of all office works.
Clerical duties are related to general office work, such as bookkeeping, taking
Clerical duties usually encompass any or all of the following: answering phones, using a phone switchboard or managing multiple lines. taking messages, sending or making memos. using
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What Are Basic Clerical Duties?
Companies employ administrative professionals to perform a wide range of duties in the workplace. Administrative professionals, including clerks, secretaries and receptionists, must have a variety of skills to perform at the level expected. These can... More »
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