What is a beam bridge?


A beam bridge is a simple kind of bridge that is made of horizontal beams that are supported by vertical posts. This kind of bridge is regarded as the simplest kind of bridge at this day and age, as they are a direct descendant of the log bridge.
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A disadvantage is that for all the tricks you might try, a beam bridge can't escape the fact that it will sag in the middle.
( ′bēm ′brij ) (civil engineering) A fixed structure consisting of a series of steel or concrete beams placed parallel to traffic and supporting the roadway directly
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The beauty of a beam bridge is that as long as you've got
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A beam bridge is also called a girder bridge and is the simplest kind of bridge. Ancient beam bridges were in the form of a log across a stream. A beam bridge basically consists of a horizontal beam that is supported at each end by piers.
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