What are blood worms?


Bloodworms are the larvae of the midge fly, which is about the same size as and looks sort of like a mosquito. Midge fly however does not bite. They belong to the family Chironomidae and they lay eggs in water.
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(blŭd'wûrm') n. Any of various red, segmented marine worms of the genera Polycirrus and Enoplobranchus that have bright red bodies and are often used for bait. The freshwater
Worm castings have been proven to "clean" the soil by extracting harmful bacteria and fungus. They can fix heavy metals in organic waste, causing them to release into the
They are red because their blood plasma contains haemoglobin like h...
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A bloodworm is a group of bright red, segmented and aquatic annelids which are capable of growing to a maximum length of 37 centimetres. The worms are a common food source for tropical fish because they live in fresh water. Examples of bloodworms are sludge worms, the marine proboscis worms and midge larva.
Blood worms are a favorite among fishermen for bait in fresh water as fish just can not resist the taste of them. They are called blood worms because they actually posses blood in their body. They are usually pinkish in color.
Don't get scared when blood worms are mentioned! Blood worms can refer to three different things. When you say 'blood worms', you might be talking about glycera, which is used for bait for fishing. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_worm
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