What Are Boats Made of?


Fiberglass boat hulls are normally made in a mold, so that the height, width and length of the hulls of boats of a single design all match the original plans. The hull is usually made in four basic steps. The interior part of the mold is covered with a gel coating after which the mold is selected, which is allowed to dry and becomes the shiny surface of the hull. The fiberglass that comes in rolls, like attic insulation or gauze bandage, is laid down and the resin is applied to it before it is put into the mold. Several layers of fiberglass are added one layer at a time, in which sometimes, a core of foam or balsa wood is added before the final layers of fiberglass are laid down, for extra flotation and safety.
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The basket mold is a relatively simple method of hull creation that works well for small runs of small- to medium-sized boats. First, panels are cut out of plywood to form the shape
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Boats are usually constructed of a lightweight material to enable them to stay afloat in water. The materials used include fibreglass which is a glass reinforced plastic, wood, reeds, plastic, aluminium with large boats made from steel.
Most modern speed boats are made out of fiberglass, however in the past they have been made out of wood. Boats such as canoes are also made out of plastic and aluminum. Large ships are made out of steel.
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