What Are Candy Grams?


Candy grams are candies given out as gifts. These candy grams may also contain messages from the sender.
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candy grams r things in schools were you buy them and either send em 2 a teacher friend or u and you get candy (during christmas halloween and valentines day!
Grams, abbreviated as 'g' are the basic, standard unit of measurement for measuring mass. These are the basic units that other units are derived from, such as kilograms and centigrams
1. Think of what you would like to say. Think of candy bars or candy that can take the place of words in your message. Say things like "Don't Snicker" "You are such
candy grams are kind of like papers that u buy for $0.50 at lunch at the cafeteria and send them to friends. when yr friends receive them it will come with a candy ask the S.A.C for
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What Are Candy Grams?
Candy grams are gifts of candy that are given out with special messages from the sender. You can send someone a candy gram for holidays, or "just because," and there are no rules about what types of candy to include. From fruity candies, to gummy candies... More »
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A candy gram is a note to another person with candy attached to it. Some candy grams have the message on the actual candy.
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Making your own candy grams is a nice way to let others know that you are thinking about them. You can let someone know you love them or wish someone good luck ...
There are an almost endless supply of candy gram sayings. You are limited only by your imagination. It is a good idea to do some research on the different types ...
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