Cargo Pants?


Cargo pants are trousers which are more like khaki pants and were designed originally for tough, outdoor activities. They are baggier, with tough stitching and are quick drying fabrics with large belt loops. The cargo pants have several additional patch pockets.
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Definition of Cargo Pants
Cargo pants are loose-fitting pants made from cotton twill fabric that feature large, generous pockets along the sides of the legs. The pants were originally made for military use in fatigue green, but managed to make their way onto the commercial scene.... More »
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1. Select a cargo pant pattern that is in your size. You can find patterns from major companies for women, men and children. 2. Take your measurements at the leg length, inseam, hip
Since cargo pants are striictly casual wear a t-shirt with a short sleeve button down and flip flops for the "California I might go to the beach later" look. And if you
Cargo pants are pants with large pockets: pants with cargo pockets, often on the legs.
Cargo pants are identified by several large pockets, most often with button, snap or Velcro closable flaps.
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One place you can get baggy cargo pants for girls is at JC Penney. You can get baggy cargo pants and just about any kind of retail store. You may also get able ...
You wear cargo pants the same way you wear any other pants by putting the pants on one leg at a time. Cargo pants is just another name for pants just like skinny ...
It really comes down to your fashion style as to what you could wear with camo cargo pants. Some people simply wears white T-shirts over them. If you are a woman ...
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