What are cats whiskers used for?


Cats use their whiskers for a wide variety of reasons. The primary use is to help a cat judge whether or not he'll fit through an opening. Another reason is navigation, because the whiskers are so sensitive they help detect the slightest directional change in a breeze. In addition to having sensory properties, a cat's whiskers are also a good indicator of his mood. When a cat is angry or feels defensive, the whiskers will be pulled back and when happy, curious or content, the whiskers will be more relaxed and pushed forward.
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Cat whiskers are used for navigation as they help the cat to feel his way around. The whiskers are also used in mood indication because when the cat is angry the whiskers will be pulled back and when the cat is more relaxed, the whiskers will be pushed forward. Lastly, the whiskers help the cat to judge whether it can fit through an opening or not.
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