Cheetahs Enemies?


The main enemies of Cheetahs are lions, hyenas, leopards and tigers. Due to the spots on their skin, cheetahs manage to camouflage easily from their enemies. In addition, being the fastest animal on earth, cheetahs can elude their enemies comfortably.
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-Lions.Tigers *not so much*Jaquars.Leopards.Humans (Farmers, and Poachers)Hyenas.Other Cheetahs (Mostly the males who trespass on other males' territory's)'_enemi...
The cheetahs main enemies are lions, and humans. The lions steal food that the
Because there bodies are built for speed, unlike other predators who are built to fight. if they get into a fight they'll get killed. They have weaker thiner bones, weaker jaw. Stuff
The Cheetah enemies are humans, lions, hyenas, and leopards Anonymous
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Cheetah cubs have many enemies among other predators: lions, leopards, hyenas, wild dogs, or even eagles. However, a healthy adult cheetah has few enemies because of its speed.
Cheetahs have a number of enemies for various reasons. For instance, cheetahs' cubs are often killed by hyenas and that is the source of their enmity. Animals like lions also compete with the cheetah for prey. Another of its enemies is the leopard and the tiger which also compete with it for food.
The cheetah being a slim and not so strong animal naturally has many enemies including lions, tigers, leopards and hyenas. Most of them being stronger, steal the food which has been hunted by the cheetahs. The cubs are the most vulnerable.
Cheetah's have few enemies in nature. Other cat predators such as lions, panthers, and leopards will at times battle the cheetah to the death to reduce competition among them. Cheetah's, however, usually attempt to avoid battle whenever possible.
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A Bengal tiger does not have many enemies. The main enemy of a Bengal tiger is man due to poaching. Other enemies include cheetahs and leopards. They are listed ...
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