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A chemical is a substance which possesses chemical characteristics and properties. A chemical substance cannot be separated into its constituent components through physical means but rather through chemical processes of separation. As such, chemical substances are considered pure because of the chemical bonding.
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a substance produced by or used in a chemical process.
Slang. narcotic or mind-altering drugs or substances.
of, used in, produced by, or concerned with chemistry or chemicals: a chemical formula; chemical agents.
used in chemical warfare: chemical weapons.
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A chemical is defined as a form matter that has stable chemical composition and characteristic properties. A chemical cannot be separated into components through physical separation procedures. Chemical substances are usually referred to as pure in order to separate them from mixtures.
Chemicals are usually elements in some form, that are around us everyday. Chemicals can be naturally occurring, or lab created. All chemicals should be present in the MSDS data sheets.
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Chemicals are substances that are hard to break down, but used to break other materials down. Hair products and household cleaners used chemicals in their mixture.
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