What Are Chinese Masks Used for?


Chinese Masks are used to describe character. An example is red is for loyalty, black is for honesty, white shows an artistic streak, yellow represents cruelty and blue is for bravery.
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Chinese masks are used for one reason i now, which is for protection from evil spirits they hang there masks. in a important position in the house high were no one can touch. Chinese
1. Find several pictures of Chinese masks (see the References section) Decide which one you like the best and print it out for a reference. 2. Spread out old newspaper on your work
I assume when you are asking about Chinese masks you are referring to the traditional Chinese opera masks (typically referred to as just Chinese masks) You can find these masks in
1. Tie your hair back from your face. By doing this your can apply the mask as closest to your hairline. Ad. 2. Clean your face gently using a cleansing lotion or mild soap and water
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Chinese masks are made up of paper and grass, stones and metals, leather and cloth. The masks are painted in different colour according to the themes and designs ...
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