What Are Choreographic Devices?


Choreographic devices are specifications or structures employed to manipulate or develop movement in a dance. An example of a choreographic device is a canon in which a movement introduced by one dancer is repeated exactly by the subsequent dancer, for example the Mexican wave.
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Choreographic device is a method applied to a movement phrase that changes or develops the phrase. It also refers to a specific way of manipulating movement to develop dance choreography like repetition, inversion, accumulation.
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A Choreographic device is a method applied to a movment phrase that changes or developes the phrase. Chroeographic devices such as CANNON, this is where the performance of a movement
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You can use them in any point of the dance - star middle or end.
They are useful because if you don't use them the dance may look boring. They Can add more adventure to the dance. It takes up counts but still looks affective, if you done a cannon
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