What Are Civil Matters?


Civil matters can generally be described as issues involving private interests (compared to criminal matters that are said to be offences against the government). Civil offences are paid to the victim (criminal offences are paid to the government).
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Police can do nothing in regards to civil matters except tell you that it is a civil matter.
Civil rights attorneys will fight for you if you are being racially discriminated against. If you are unable to live in a certain place, even if you are the best applicant, or if
A civil claim is a formal complaint made against one or more parties in a non-criminal - that is, non-penal - court. It is a suit recognizing a dispute between private individuals
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A civil matter is a case between two or more parties Seeking money damages, injunctions or equitable relief. These matters do not have to be sorted out in court. They may be filed where the disputing action arose are dissolved there.
Civil matters are laws that define one’s rights and responsibilities in everything one does, including buying a home, making a will, making a purchase in a shop, rental disputes, etc. If the penalty is a fine or loss of the subject at hand, that is considered a civil matter.
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