What Are Clay Pigeons Made of?


Clay pigeons are made from chalk and pitch mixture which is usually black, yellow, white or fluorescent orange. They are targets used as a shooting sport and they are designed to withstand high speeds but at the same time to easily break when shot at.
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Clay pigeons are intended to be stand-ins for the real thing. As such, they are roughly the same size as the quarry they are meant to simulate. They are typically 3 to 4 oz. in weight
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What Is a Clay Pigeon Made Out Of?
Shooting competitions have evolved from using live birds, to glass balls to clay pigeons. From 1881 to 1887 disks or clay pigeons were created for a uniform target that is similar in flight to a bird's trajectory. Technically, clay pigeons aren't made... More »
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Clay pigeon is normally made up of mixture of Calcium Carbonate or Limestone and pitch and is shaped in to an upside down saucer shaped disk. They are usually found in shooting ranges and used as targets for shooting practice.
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