What Are Compound Machines?


Compound machines are those that use two or more simple machines to create work. A simple example of a compound machine is the bicycle. It has wheels and axles and a lever, in the form of the pedals, that make it a compound machine. You can find more information here: http://www.schools.utah.gov/CURR/SCIENCE/sciber00/8th/Machines/sciber/machines.htm
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What Are Compound Machines?
Compound machines surround us every day, in every room. Though many in the 21st century are hyper-compound electronic devices like televisions or cellphones, many more are simply combinations of a few simpler machines that perform a specific task in a... More »
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A compound machine is two or more simple machines built together. Simple machines are the pulley, inclined plane, lever, wheel and axle, wedge and screw. An example of a compound machine is a bicycle.
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A compound machine is a machine that consists of two or more simple machines put together. Most machines that we use on a daily basis are compound machines.
1. Make an inclined plane by placing a sturdy piece of plywood so that one end connects to a higher surface and another edge connects a lower surface, such as the edge of an auditorium
A bicycle is built up of several simple machines, (the lever, wheel and axle etc) and several simple machines interacting becomes a compound machine.
A compound machine is a device that combines 2 or more simple
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A compound machine is quite simply two simple machines put together. Most machines are compound machines, and they are more equipped to complete difficult tasks. ...
Compound machines are all around us. They are machines that consist of two or more simple machines. Some everyday items that we might not think of as compound ...
To create a compound machine, you must first understand the definition of a compound machine. A compound machine consists of two or more simple machines put together ...
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