Examples of Convex Mirrors?


Convex Mirrors are used for various purposes. They are used as traffic inspection mirrors, and ceiling dome mirrors. They are also used in cab front mirrors to give a panoramic view.
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The most common use of a convex mirror is as view finder in vehicles. It is used in supermarkets and stores for surveillance. For making sun glasses and telescopes also convex mirror
A convex mirror is one that curves outward; that is, it curves toward you. Convex mirrors are known as diverging mirrors because when light reflects off of them, the rays move in
Convex mirrors are used to converge light towards a focus. This can be used for imaging or simply for concentration of the light. A typical imaging application is a reflecting astronomical
The Mirror Equation - Convex Mirrors Ray
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Convex mirrors are used in everyday things such as, a car's passenger side mirror, or you can also see one at an automated teller machine.
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