What Are Cool Nicknames?


Some of the cool nicknames you can use on the chat board are Phat T, Popoff, Shamorty, Jiggle shopper and Wokie. Learn more of these names: .
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Jo! if my name was joanna i think i would go with Jo. i think its just cool to be Jo but not 'joe' be different!
1. Choose a nickname for yourself. One way to project an image of yourself is by using a nickname. Pick something that is indicative of your personality or values. Request that others
The name Stacy is usually a shortened form of either Eustace or Anastasia.
1 Think of a good feature about yourself. 2 For an example, Slick. Slick would be someone who is cool, and is always calm in situations. 3 Don't use a pet name your parents gave you
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Some cool nicknames include Spud, Dimples, Pookie and Gizmo. Lots of people are called Buddy, Scout or Junior. Really, you can make up your own nickname by thinking of something the person says or does or what reminds you of them. A nickname may just appear.
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