What Are Cooties Really?


Cooties are the plural term for cooty which means a parasitic louse that infests on human beings. It also means a children's word for a make-believe germ or disgusting quality transmitted by noxious or slovenly people.
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Cooties are an imaginary parasite (or infection) that can be spread onto surfaces or by touching. The term originated in the 1800s when boys were more prone to head lice and other
Cooties - slang for a body louse. Little kids think girls have cooties.ChaCha!
cooties are what little boys have that little girls don't want to get, and, or, vice versa depending on there maturity level. Cooties is a slang word in American English, used by
all these answers are wrong.In harper lees to kill a mockingbird a cootie is in fact a head louse.However lee is using the term cootie to refer to a blood sucking parasite. musicman
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Cooties are parasitic louses that infest the body of human beings.
Cooties refer to diseases that the opposite sex has giving reasons to not be around them. These diseases in late stages are known as 'STDs'. The first known use of this word in English dates back in 1917.
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