What Are Dart Boards Made of?


A dart board is made of sisal fibre, a fibrous material or hemp cork .For sisal dart boards, when a dart punctures the material, the fibres give way to the impact point so the dart nestles in between the fibres without making a hole or damaging it. There are also electronic dart boards which have a set of sensors that detect the area where a dart has landed and then send this information to a computer. In the past, dart boards were made using wound paper or wood or coarse hog hairs called bristles.
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Tournament quality dartboards are made of natural rope fiber (sisal). These fibers
A regulation dartboard is a circle with a diameter of 18 inches. It should be 1.5 inches thick. The double number zone area should measure 0.773 square inches, and the triple number
overall diameter 451mm plus or minus 3mm.
The vast majority of modern boards are maid of bundled sisal or hemp -commonly referred to as 'bristle'. They used to be made of wound paper or wood. The wooden boards required daily
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Dartboards have been made from various materials such as elm, cork, bristle, compressed paper and even plasticine. Traditional dartboards were made of wood such as elm and poplar. Popular dartboards are the ones made of compressed paper. Serious players, however, use boards made from bristle.
Dartboard is a type of board that is used in Dart game. In this game darts are thrown at a circular target fixed on a wall. The dartboards are made of sisal fibres which originate from East Africa, Brazil and China.
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