What are "delica beads"?


Delica beads are prized by artists world-wide for their variety of colours, permanency (they don't chip or fade like their counterparts), and precision of size and shape. They are more superior to? beads commonly used in items mass produced in China and India. Delica seed beads are perfectly cylindrical modern Japanese beads with thin walls and large holes. They can be smooth or six-sided.
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Delica is a brand name for seed beads made by Miyuki, a Japanese bead manufacturer. Toho is a company name. Toho brand names include Treasure which is a reflection of the meaning
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What Are Delica Beads?
Beads have been used for centuries to adorn clothing and create works of art. Seed bead is the term used to describe beads produced in factories. Delica beads are both a brand and type of seed bead that is produced in Japan.... More »
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