What Are Different Ways to Hang Window Scarves?


Window scarves can be hung over your your window poles. You can use any type of fabric for your window scarf. Let the scarf dazzle along the top of the curtain for a decorative look.
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A window scarf is a square, rectangular or triangular piece of cloth that can be draped over a curtain rod. A scarf can be a finishing touch over a pair of curtains, or can stand
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How to Hang Window Scarves
Window scarves are a common window treatment because they create a great visual affect and are easy to hang. When choosing a fabric for your window scarf, don't just look at patterns, look at the weight of the material you are choosing. A heavier... More »
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There are several ways to hang window scarves. A window scarf can be in many shapes such as rectangular, triangular, or square. It is a piece of cloth that can be draped or thrown over a curtain rod. The consumer has the ability to add in their personal touch as well or they could pinch the ends of the scarf on either side of the top of the window as a way of making a window look less exposed. What could be the simplest ways for someone to hang a window scarf is the Swag method. Just swag the scarf, tuck the ends behind the sides then loosely in the center in front of the window. There is also the Asymmetrical Effect. If you really want to make your windows scarves looks dramatic, then this is the best way to do it. The process is to make a side of your scarf higher than the other and you have succeeded.
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Window scarves are really easy to work with. For a current look, try using a standard rod in either brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze. To hang the scarf, find ...
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