What are digestible carbs?


Digestible carbs are carbohydrates that a company by the name of Dreamfields Pasta produces. They claim that the carbs are digested in the upper intestinal tract so that way your body don't turn them into high sugar content like most pasta does.
Q&A Related to "What are digestible carbs?"
Cellulose cannot be digested by a human but many organisms can digest it. Notable examples are the protozoa that live in the gut of a termite and fungus.
Good carbs contain natural sugars. They contain natural ingredients that do not use unnatural additives, such as canola oil or sugar-based sauces. Bread or grain products that contain
fruits and vegetables that contain very little fiber, sweets of any kind, dry fruits, milk, fruit spreads and condiments, white bread, most bagels or any baked goods that use white
Fat is digested by enzymes from the pancreas, in the stomach, and in the
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