What Are Drums Made from?


Drum is the oldest and most ubiquitous musical instrument. Drums are made of Skin ,an open cylinder and string.
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A drum has 3 parts which are the frame, the membrane and the base. The drum frame is made out of wood, plastic or metal, the membrane is made out of animal skin, plastic or metal and the base of the drum is made out of wood or metal. It is important to note that all drums do not have a base.
Drums are made of shells which are mostly consisting of Maple, Beech, Birch or Mahogany. The budget kits are also made of lauan which is a type of hardwood and top end kits are made of more exotic hardwood such as jarrah or iron wood.
Drums are the oldest type of music instruments and a simple drum consists of a hollowed out drum shell or log open on one end. A membrane or hide is then stretched across to close one open end. Modern drums are made using materials such as acrylics and less commonly, fibre plastic.
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Drum skins were originally made of animal skin; usually the hide of a domesticated animal like cattle. Currently, plastics are used in making the drum skin, often ...
To come up with a home-made drum; get a cylindrical container and take the lid off, then criss-cross many strips of electrical tape or masking tape over the top ...
A drum is a music instrument. They produce music by hitting. It is made of skin and can be played using the hand or stick. The size of the drum affects the quality ...
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