What are the effects of global warming?


Some effects of global warming are the spread of diseases, an increase in hurricanes, more droughts and heat waves, and the melting of polar ice caps.
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Average temperatures are rising as a result of global warming. More heat waves and fewer cold spells are predicted to occur by the Environmental Protection Agency. For example, the
The ability to have our planet at a livable temperature is vital! Without the sun's warmth and the ability to collect that energy we would be a cold dead planet. The effect of Global
A greenhouse is a glass structure built for plants. The glass walls and ceiling allow the light from the Sun to enter but prevent the Sun's heat from leaving, providing the kind of
A rising sea level and changes in the amount and pattern of
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Climate Change
Climate change, more commonly known as global warming, is caused by the emission of heat trapping gases produced by vehicles, power plants, industrial processes and deforestation...
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