Examples of Natural Resources?


Examples of natural resources are air, water, wood, oil, solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectric energy, and coal. These resources exist in natural form in which they are usually found within environments where there are not disturbed by human beings.
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Iron, nickel, water. Natural resources are minerals made naturally by Earth, not man made.
A natural resource is a material source of wealth, such as timber, fresh
According to Grolier's encyclopedia, Hawaii's leading natural resources is its climate. Tourism is one of Hawaii's major sources of funds (23 percent of the GSP) and tourists would
According to the CIA factbook they are as follows: coal. chromium ore. asbestos. gold. nickel. copper. iron ore. vanadium. lithium. tin. platinum group metals. emeralds. steel. I
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A natural resource is anything natural that people can use. Examples include solar energy, coal, wood, air, wind energy, minerals and oil. You can find more information here: http://www.sbs.utexas.edu/resource/onlinetext/Definitions/resources.htm
Naturalnresources are those that people need, that are made by the earth and notnman. Some examples of natural resources include: coal, petroleum, natural gas,niron and copper.
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