What Are Examples of Stereotypes?


Examples of stereotypes include; stereotypes surrounding African American, stereotypes of men and women, and stereotypes that exist about cultures and countries as a whole to name but a few. Stereotypes are over simplifications of people groups widely circulated in certain societies. All stereotypes are found to be generalizations.
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It is when they make unfair generalisations that isn't even true. An example, is: Barack Obama may have everyone behind him, but that's because John McCain looks like George Bush.
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Those who encounter strongly entrenched stereotypes may feel locked into a set of expectations that they are not suited for, or that they can exceed if given the opportunity. Professional
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What Are the Causes of Stereotypes?
A stereotype is defined as a generalization made about all members of a distinct group. The generalization is applied to each member without discovering the potential differences that may exist. A stereotype example is the assumption that individuals who... More »
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