What Are Examples of Stereotypes?


Examples of stereotypes include; stereotypes surrounding African American, stereotypes of men and women, and stereotypes that exist about cultures and countries as a whole to name but a few. Stereotypes are over simplifications of people groups widely circulated in certain societies. All stereotypes are found to be generalizations.
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A stereoype is a Aussie person that has blonde hair, blue eyes, wear thongs and always goes to the beach.
Stereotypes are generalizations, or assumptions, that people make a...
Racial stereotyping is often associated with downright racism, in which a person receives poorer or even violent treatment because of race. Despite laws and social taboos against
Adolf Hitler. The pragmatist is not concerned with principles and treats others as instrumental to achieving what he wants. By definition, he has no conceptual means to define or
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What Are the Causes of Stereotypes?
A stereotype is defined as a generalization made about all members of a distinct group. The generalization is applied to each member without discovering the potential differences that may exist. A stereotype example is the assumption that individuals who... More »
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