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A fabric is defined as a textile or texture of a cloth material. These are mostly produced in the weaving or knitting industries and used in the design of clothes.
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Fabrication is when you use raw materials to make something. It is also the act of constructing something. You may fabricate your own kitchen table from wood you already have at your
Acetate fabrics are derived from wood pulp, which is combined with acetate anhydride to form small flakes. It is from these flakes that the fabric is created. The process of making
Polyester consists of "long-chain polymers" that are derived from a chemical reaction involving coal, petroleum, air and water. Specifically, a reaction between the petroleum
The Weave Matelasse is woven in a technique that was developed to mimic the style of handcrafted quilts made in the south of France. Originally woven by hand with four sets of yarn
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a cloth made by weaving, knitting, or felting fibers: woolen fabrics.
the texture of the woven, knitted, or felted material: cloth of a soft, pliant fabric.
framework; structure: the fabric of society.
a building; edifice.
the method of construction.
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Fabrics are pieces of cloth made by weaving or knitting textile fibres. Fabric is used to make items of clothing. It is also used extensively for making draperies, slip covers and other home furnishings.
Fabrics are materials used to create clothing. There are thousands of fabrics to chose from to make your own clothes. Fabrics can be very inexpensive to purchase by the yard.
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Lame fabric is a fabric used for clothes. The fabric is usually very shiny. It is a knit or woven fabric of metallic yarn. Some people use this fabric to make ...
Crepe fabric is a fabric made of silk, wool, or polyester that has a gauzy texture and has a crisp and crimpy appearance. It is commonly used in clothing and decorative ...
Fabric is made of woven fibres that are sewn together in a characteristic pattern. Fabric can therefore be made of various types of materials such as wool, linen ...
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