What are some female Italian names?


Examples of Italian girl names are, Adalina, Adriana, Alba, Alessia, etc.
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Female Italian names include Alisa, Andria, Bianca, Cara, Carin, Carlina, and Carmela.
Buon Compleannois an Italian equivalent of 'Happy Birthday'. It's pronounced 'bwohn kohm-pleh-AHN-noh'. The masculine adjective 'buono' means 'good'. The masculine gender noun 'compleanno
Giovanni is an Italian equivalent of 'John'. It's pronounced 'joh-VAHN-nee'. Another equivalent is Gianni , which is pronounced 'JAHN-nee'. Still another equivalent is Zanni , which
Some female italian names are Ilaria, Irene, Isabella, Jolanda, Lidia,
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