Franklin Mint Coins?


Franklin Mint coins are worth somewhere between $30 and $170. It depends on the specifics of the coin. They are considered to be vintage coins of great value.
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It depends on the silver content of them. Like all private mints, the Franklin Mint items have little to no collector value, any value that the coins themselves have is based on the
The uncirculated mint sets sold by the U.S. Mint from 1947 to 1958 came in cardboard holders that did not protect them from tarnish. These sets are harder to find in mint condition
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A Walt Disney Gallery Of Great Americans 1972 Sterling Silver Franklin Mint coin is priced at $38.99. No gold coin price estimate found but it could be higher. report this answer.
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The only value that the Franklin Mint contains is whatever it has in silver after being melted. You would probably want to check the price of silver and then check with a couple local places that buy to see if one may want to pay a higher price.
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