What Are Gems?


Gems are precious or semiprecious stones, especially when cut, polished or engraved. A gem is derived from the gemstone. A gemstone is a mineral, rock or organic material that, when cut is used for jewelery or ornamentation.
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The diamond can be put into a category of its own because it is the only gem that consists of the atoms from a single element, carbon. It is the hardest known naturally occurring
1. Evaluate the gemstone's cut. The American Gem Society's system accounts for proportions, symmetry and polish, but in general, the brighter a gemstone's sparkle, the higher its
1. Open a command prompt by clicking on the command prompt icon, located in your PC's list of applications. 2. Search for an installable, remote gem by entering the following command
1. Familiarize yourself with the Mohs hardness scale. You can find this scale in any mineralogy book or on the web. It is constructed of 10 different levels for classifying minerals
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What Are Gems?
A gem is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as being a mineral or petrified material that, when cut and polished, can be used in jewelry. In the jewelry trade, gems or gemstones are divided into two categories: precious and semiprecious stones.... More »
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A gem or gemstone is a piece of mineral rock or organic materials that is typically in cut and polished form. They are also referred to as precious stones or jewels. Gems are commonly used to create jewellery or other ornaments.
Gems are crystalline rocks that are extremely valuable. Gems are cut, then polished to be used in jewelry. Some examples of gems are rubies, sapphires, and topaz.
Gems are beautiful fashioned crystals that have been designed by cutting and polishing them. They get some great crystals from our molten rock and other mountains where there lava can be found.
Gems is short for gemstones. Gemstones are used in many different types of jewelry. Gemstones are made by cutting and polishing pieces of different minerals.
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A gemstone or gem is a piece of attractive mineral, which when cut and polished is used to make jewelry or other adornments. ...
There are several gem codes available for Our World. While there is no code for 50 gems, there are several codes for 10 gems a piece, which you can use in order ...
Some of the names of green gems are; Tsavorite Garnet, Uvarovite Drusy, Opal, Sapphire, Ammolite , Malachite, Jade , Dermatoid Garnet, Ruby-in-Zoiscite, Peridot, ...
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