What Are General Principles of Contract Law?


The general principles of contracts include the formation of the contract, the contents thereof and the end of the contract. One will have to understand basic procedures that range from the offer and acceptance, to the expiration and termination. This topic is covered properly in private law.
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There are basically two, main concepts and principles to contract law: First, being mutual consideration. BOTH parties have to receive benefit, or its not a legal contract. If only
Contract law is a branch of law that only deals with interpreting agreements. They come up with an interpretation of what a contract says and then they enforce it.
The Fair Labor Standards Act stipulates that contractors must receive a minimum wage as well as time and a half for overtime work. It limits the number of hours children under 16
Usually, when asking that question, it is between parties in different jurisdictions . . . i.e. should US or Australian law apply. For that reason, and I don't mean to be a smart
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