Girl Scouts in Italy?


Girl scouts in Italy are called Lupette e Lupette or Wolf cubs, the name is same for boy and girls. Scouting started in Italy in 1910. The Scout Movement in Italy consists of about 40 different associations and federations with about 220,000 Scouts and Guides.
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Corpo Nazionale Giovani Esploratori Ed Esploratrici Italiani (CNGEI) (Girl Scouts) Age groups: Rover or Ranger ages 15/16-18/19. Esploratrice or Girl Scout ages 11/12-15/16. Lupetto
The famous and delicious short bread Girl Scout cookies are called "Trefoils"!
Girl Guides/Scouts in other countries - at least most of them - don't sell cookies like we do in the U.S. I know Canadaian Girl Guides sell them but they have fewer flavors than here
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