What Are Goblet Cells?


Goblet cells are glandular epithelial cells found in the lining of the digestive and respiratory tracts. They are used to secret mucus. Mucus is therefore a sticky, viscous substance composed of mucins, enzymes and electrolytes.
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Goblet cells secrete a protective lubricating mucous to help trap dust and bacteria so it can be transported by your mucosal linings via villi organelles in your sinuses outside your
n. Any of the specialized epithelial cells found in the mucous membrane of the stomach, intestines, and respiratory passages that secrete mucus. [From its shape.]
goblet cell: an epithelial cell that secretes mucous
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goblet cell
a type of epithelial cell that secretes mucin, so called after its shape.
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A goblet cell is a specialised epithelial cell found in the mucous membrane of the stomach, intestines, and respiratory passages. Its function is to secrete mucus which protects against shear stress and chemical damage in addition to trapping and eliminating particulate matter and microorganisms.
Goblet cells are found scattered among other cells in the epithelium of many organs, especially in the intestinal and respiratory tacts. Their job is to excrete mucus, which serves many functions, including protecting against stress and cheminal damage.
Goblet cells have a gross job! They are located through the epithelium of your organs they are there to secrete mucus. Your intestines have a large amount of these.
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Goblet cells can be found in the epithelium of the small and large intestines. These cells secrete mucus to make food pass more easily through the digestive tract.Goblet ...
Some examples of specialized cells include blood cells, skin cells, nerve cells, goblet cells and many others. These cells are specialised for a particular function ...
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