What Are Good Closings for a Friendly Letter?


As friendly letters are usually addressed to a person that the writer is familiar with, the closing is very informal. The most common closing for a friendly letter is 'your friend' or 'yours in friendship'. One can also write 'hugs', 'take care', 'best wishes', 'bye', 'see you later' or 'write soon'.
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1. Acknowledge any recent news that you've learned about your friend in the final paragraph. Address the fact that your friend has gotten a promotion at work, recently gotten engaged
A good idea is to tell them to have a good day or a good trip or whatever. Just tell them that you wish the best for them.
Learn how to write a letter closing a business so you can keep your customers, creditors and financiers informed of the situation. More than just a mere business announcement, a letter
1. Date the letter. If you're taking the trouble to write a letter by hand, it's nice to add a date on the top left corner of the paper. Many people save letters for years to come
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