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A group of animals are called differently depending on the animal species. For example, a group of Elephants is called a parade, for Zebras is called zeal and a group of giraffes is called a tower. To look for more you can visit hints and things website online.
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Mammals,Amphibians,Reptiles,Birds, and Fish.
It is unknown just why the term "pod" began being used for a group of whales or dolphins. The word "pod" has been in English since 1680 or 1690 and referred to
No group of animals found to be called a "riot. However, a group of crows is
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Animal collective terms usually vary by animal type, but can sometimes vary by species. They can be quite humorous, fanciful or even a little absurd--a clowder of cats, a murder of crows!
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What a group of animals is called depends on the type of animal. This is because animals come in many forms, sizes and shapes. For example, multiple antelope are called a herd as are cattle and alpacas while Bats are called a colony as are beavers, cranes and llamas.
Depending on the context, a group of animals can have different names. For instance, a group of animals that eats only meat are called carnivores. Animals that live in water will be under the group of fish, and some can be classified as sea mammals. Animals with beaks, feathers and wings will be known as birds.
Each specific group of animals are called different names. Many groups of animals are called herds such as antelope, buffalo and cattle. Most groups of birds are called flocks but this name is also used when referring to a group of sheep. You can find more information here:
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