What are hood pins used for?


Back in the day hood pins were used to lock the hood down as some people removed the latch. It allowed for a quick way to open and close the hood. The latch mechanism may have been in the way or someone just shaved off as much weight as possible by tossing the latch system. Today they are used mostly for looks outside of true hot rod enthusiasts.
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A hood pin is a pin designed to hold the hood of a vehicle closed. ChaCha!
1. Pop the hood and locate the core support. It's the large object that the headlights and radiator mount to. Locate a spot on the core support where you can mount the hood pins.
1 Wear proper protective clothing, such as long sleeves, goggles, and gloves. The dust and particles from drilling into fiberglass can be very irritating to your skin and eyes. Drilling
If the hood don't come the the lock like the metal piece to lock it in. or carbon fiber hoods.
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The purpose of hood pins is to keep the hood or trunk of a vehicle closed in the absence of a hood latch. Hood pins were originally designed for race cars so the ...
Making sure you locate were you want to install the hood pins cause once you drill the holes in the hood your done. Then just install the the way the manufacturer ...
In order to drill hood pins, you need to first determine where it is you are going to drop the pins for your car. You can do this by finding where the bump stops ...
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