What Are Imitation Bacon Bits Made of?


Imitation bacon bits are made of vegetable protein, particularly soy, and they are combined with other artificial flavors and colors to give them the texture and taste of bacon. Imitation bacon bits contain no need of any variety and are 100% vegetarian approved and other than the artificial flavorings and excessive salt. You could eat as many as you want without worry of any negative health effects. They can be used exactly the same way as traditional bacon bits for things like topping salads, baked potatoes in a bowl of soup, and any other food dish that bacon can make taste better.
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Imitation or vegetarian bacon bits are usually made from soy or textured vegetable protein with flavoring. report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 09:29PM EST.
imitation bacon bits are USUALLY made from soy products, they are vegetarian friendly. check the ingredient listing, usually can find per brand online.
Imitation bacon bits are soy bits seasoned with authentic bacon and
Alaska Pollock is the likely ingredient of imitation crab. Pollocks flavor is very mild so it works well being artificially flavored as crab.
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