What Is Calgon Water Softener Made of?


The ingredients of calgon water softener include: polycarboxylates and sodium hexametaphosphates. The product is used to neutralize the hardness in water and was introduced in 1956.
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It is through the active ingredient, polycarboxylates that
It gets rid of the dirt by a formulation of active ingredients being polycarboxylates which softens hard water preventing hard water from forming in the first place.
Softened water is water that contains low levels of minerals and metallic ions, such as carbon, magnesium, iron or aluminum. The softness or hardness of water is measured by the concentration
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Calgon water softener is used to transform hard water into soft water. This helps laundry look brighter and whiter. The original formula was found by using basic scientific principles. It was made from amorphous sodium polyphosphate. This chemical prevented the formation of mineral salts by reacting with calcium ions and other chemicals that were in the water. Calgon is used to neutralize minerals that are usually found in water. A water softener like Calgon can help extend the life of washing machines and faucets by preventing lime build-up.
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