What Are Intermediate Directions?


Intermediate directions are simply the directions or points that would fall in between your standard N, S, E, W points on a compass. The points in between are what we know as NE, NW, SE, SW and etc. Hope this helps!
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The primary intermediate (also ordinal and/or intercardinal) directions are northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest. These directions are located directly between the cardinal
what is the definition of intermediate directions. Intermediate Direction = a small drawing on a map that shows directions.
The cardinal directions on a map indicate north, south,
A intermediate neurone sends the message to the brain saying danger and then the brain tells the motor neurons to react from Ryan Thomas Sylvester.
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What Is Intermediate Directions?
The intermediate directions are northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest. They are also called ordinal and intercardinal directions. They are the directions in between the cardinal directions (north, south, east and west) on a compass.... More »
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