What Are Japaneses Houses Called?


There were essentially two different types of houses, in ancient Japan, which are the pit-dwelling house and the elevated house. When Japan's unique culture came into full bloom, around the eleventh century, members of the aristocracy built a distinctive style of house called shinden-zukuri, while the samurai built the shoin-zukuri. The houses of common people developed differently in different regions of the country that were adapted to local conditions.
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A Japanese house is called Uchi. They are designed and developed to be pliable and flexible, wood being the main structural support elements. The woods are made into a type of woven structure with vertical supports connected with horizontal bamboo pieces. The diagonal supports are frequently used during construction and removed immediately after the construction.
The design of houses in Japan has evolved over the years. Therefore, there are several types of Japanese houses with different names. The nobles had houses known as shinden-zukuri while the samurais were known as shoin-zukuri.
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