What Are LDRs Used for?


LDRs are devices used as low cost light sensitive elements in photographic light meters, flame, smoke and burglar detectors. LDR is an acronym for Light Dependent Resistors and have resistance, which varies according to the amount of light falling on its surface. They are also called photoconductor or photocell.
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LDR is used for a couple of light sensing applications. They are often used in circuits where necessary in order to detect the level or the presence of light. The initials LDR stand for light dependent resistor.
LDR stands for light dependant resistor, an electronic component whose opposition to an electric current decrease with increased incident light intensity. LDRs are made from high resistance semiconductor and are used in many light or dark sensor circuits. LDRs are also known as photoconductors and are uses in making alarm devices, outdoor clocks, camera light meters and street lights.
LDRs or light dependent resistors are frequently used in circuits where it is essential to detect the presence or the level of light. They can be described by an assortment of names from light dependent resistor, photo resistor, LDR, photo cell or even photoconductor.
An ldr is an acronym for Light dependent resistor; and it refers to a photo-resistor that is sensitive to light. The ldr is normally used in circuits where it is necessary to detect the presence or the level of light. It is made from any semiconductor material with a high resistance.
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