What Are Levers Used for?


A lever is a rigid object that is used with an appropriate fulcrum or pivot point to either multiply the mechanical force that can be applied to another object or resistance force, or multiply the distance and speed at which the opposite end of the rigid object travels. This leverage is also referred to as mechanical advantage, and is one example of the principle of moments.
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Levers are simple machines consisting of a bar that pivots on a fixed support, or fulcrum, and is used to transmit torque. When a fulcrum is not positioned in the middle of the lever, then the force applied to one end will not yield the same force on the other, because the torque should be the same on either side of the fulcrum. Levers are like gears, and they can be used to increase the force that is available from a mechanical force.
A lever is used for lifting a weight with the least amount of effort. Levers have a fulcrum where the rod is placed, a load and effort used to push down the load in order to lift the weight. Levers are used in everyday life; they are used in bicycle brakes, in door handles and in wheelbarrows to lift heavy weights.
A lever is a simple machine which is used for weights lift. Levers are divided into two categories ,the first lever and second lever class. An example of first lever is a seesaw and an opener is said to be a second lever class.
A lever is a machine using a rigid bar which is supported by a fulcrum to lift weight.
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