What Are Liquids?


A liquid is a pure state of matter which contains minerals that flows freely and can change its shape. Examples of liquids are water and oil. Different liquids have different boiling points and freezing points.
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1. Use a wet measuring cup. This is the easiest way but not necessarily the most accurate. Liquids must be measured while absolutely still and at eye level, making an accurate measurement
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A liquid is a substance whose molecules are bound less tightly than in a solid. Liquids take the shape of their containers, but have fixed volumes.
Liquid is the state of matter that is composed of molecules that move freely among themselves exhibiting readiness to flow. It can also refer to a substance or a specific body of matter in this state.
Liquids are defined as something that is capable of flowing freely at a constant rate. It one of the three states of matter. All of them are capable to take the shape of the container.
A liquid is a substance whose molecules are not strongly attracted to each other, and thus the substance flows freely. Since the molecules are far apart, the liquid is unable to hold its own shape, and takes on the shape of the container in which it is held. The liquid state is one of the state of matter, the other two being solids and gases.
A liquid is one of three states of matter a gas, liquid or solid. A liquid is able to flow and go into a container but does not disperse. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liquid
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Liquid is one of three states of matter. A liquid is a free form, and therefore takes on the form of whatever item it is held by, or held on. It is, however, considered ...
Liquid density is the total mass of a liquid. Density is calculated as mass divided by volume and expressed as kilograms per cubic meter. It is expressed the ...
Immiscible liquids refers to liquids that can not mix. These types of liquids are completely insoluble in each other. Examples include kerosine and water, and ...
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