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A loch is basically a lake. This is an Irish and Scottish Gaelic word which simply refers to a sea inlet or a lake. A loch can also be defined as an estuary, a strait, firth, bay or even a fjord.
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[lok, lokh]
a lake.
a partially landlocked or protected bay; a narrow arm of the sea.
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The term 'loch' means lake and it is used throughout the country of Scotland; there is only one 'lake' in Scotland called the Lake of Menteith in Stirlingshire. Firth, fjord, estuary, strait or bay are other names for loch. Sea-inlet lochs are often called sea lochs or sea Loughs.
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Loch is a name used in Scotland to describe most lakes. In the western and northern areas of Scotland, it is used for sea inlets.There are some bodies of water in Ireland and England
In Scotland, by tradition, a lake is called a Loch, Loch Ness is a lake, if Scottish people didn't call lakes "Lochs", then it would be Lake Ness
1. Look for websites, such as Lochness.com, that offer live streaming video from webcams overlooking Loch Ness. Pick the one with the widest and clearest view of the lake. Be alert
(lŏKH, lŏk) n. Scots A lake. An arm of the sea similar to a fjord. [Middle English louch, from Scottish Gaelic loch, from Old Irish.]
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A loch is the word used for lake. It is the Scottish word for this body of water. Of course, Loch Ness is perhaps the most well known freshwater lake because of ...
Loch is the Irish and Scottish Gaelic term for a lake or a sea inlet. It has been anglicised as lough, which is pronounced the same way as loch. ...
How many of you think of a monster when you think of Loch Ness? The real Loch Ness is 37 km long and well worth the visit. ...
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