Macroeconomic Variables?


Micro-economy variable is the case study of the behaviour an economy at the aggregate level. The factors studies of micro-economics include; inflation, unemployment, and industrial production. The aim of micro-economy is to study the effect of government policies on these factors.
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Macroeconomic variables are those variables that are independent from the income levels. They are factors that greatly influence the economic growth. Some of the macroeconomic variables include GDP, unemployment and inflation.
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Economic output or income is measured in terms of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) The income obtained from GDP is measured by adding consumer spending, private investment, government
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There are 4 key macroeconomic variables. They are interest rates, government budget balances and finance, international trade balances and finances and productivity ...
Macroeconomics deals with an entire economic market rather than looking at individual markets. Some key variables of macroeconomics include the GDP (gross domestic ...
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