What are meteors made of?


Meteors are either made of rocks, dust or iron. Scientists believe that meteors are actually broken fragments of comets. Meteors can weigh up to 70 tons.
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A meteor is made up of a combination of dust and rock left behind from the tail of a comet. They are fairly small and pose no threat to the Earth.
A meteor is ice and dust.
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i think they are made of gases and fire. i think they are made of gases and fire.
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A meteor is the visible path of a meteoroid. Meteoroids, which become meteorites when they hit the Earth, are mainly made of iron, stone or a iron-stone mix. They may contain small amounts of nickel and trace amounts of other compounds.
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A meteor is made up of a rock-like substance that travels at a high rate of speed. They are traveling at around 30,000 miles per hour. They are heated when they ...
Meteoroids are made up of small particles of space, molten rock and magnetic layers of ice. As the meteoroid travels entering the earth it heats up causing a meteor ...
Most nickel today is mined from the Sudbury region of Ontario, Canada. Experts believe this area was hit by an ancient meteor, and that is what created the large ...
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