What Are METH Mites?


Meth mites is the sensation Meth users get of small bugs crawling under their skin. This is because Meth affects the nerve endings throughout a users body. This causes users to pick, pull, scratch, and dig at their flesh forming small holes and sores in their skin.
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Meth Mites is caused by the high toxicity or poison levels in methamphetamine. It occurs when the body can't digest the hazardous additives in meth. report this answer. Answered by
Skin mites are tiny little critters that feed on blood. They also feed on surface skin debris, keratin and tissue fluid. Immature mites live on the skin.
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Mites are like ticks that belong to the class Arachnida and the subclass Acarina. When it comes to exploiting habitats, mites are definitely the most successful. Destroying habitats
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