What Are Microtubules?


Microtubules are microscopic tubular structures that are found in the cytoplasm of cells. They are very numerous, and at times they aggregate to form complex structures. Microtubules form a major component of the cytoskeleton.
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Microtubules, being part of the cytoskeleton... help a cell maintain its
Microtubules are small tubes in eukaryotic cytoplasm that are composed of the protein
Mitosis is the process that cells use to divide one parent cell into two genetically equivalent daughter cells. Microtubles are integral in this process by attaching to the center
microtubule: a microscopically small tubule
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Microtubules are cylidrical structures bundled into centrioles. They provide structural support for the cytoskeleton of the cell as well as connectivity between other organelles.
Microtubules are tube like organelles that form the cell structure. The microtubules are composed of Tubulin, which is made up of proteins. The actual size of a microtubule usually fluctuates depending on the need or the function.
Microtubules are tube-like cell organelles that are useful in defining cell structure as well as cell movements. They are composed of the protein referred to as tubulin.
Microtubules move things inside a cell with special attachment proteins. Granules, vesicles, organelles, and chromosomes are the things that they move. They also have a cytoskeletal role. You can find more information here: http://www.cytochemistry.net/Cell-biology/microtub.htm
Microtubules are cylinder-shaped tubes that form the skeleton of a cell to keep the cell's shape. Microtubules form the spindle fibers that separate chromosomes during mitosis.
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An important organelle in the division of animal cells is the centrosome. The centrosome is the microtubule generating and organizing center of the cell. Microtubules ...
A centriole is the part of a cell that helps to organize microtubules, and it is involved in mitosis. Centrioles are only present in animal cells. You can find ...
During mitosis, the spindle fibers move the chromosomes during cell division. They are comprised of microtubules that are motile, and gravitate from the poles ...
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