What Are Microwaves Used for?


Microwaves are electromagnetic waves that have wavelengths varying from one metre to one millimetre. Microwaves are used for communication in telephones and also in Wireless Lan Protocols such Bluetooth.
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A duct that is 140 feet or less moves the microwave exhaust outside of the house quickly and efficiently. However, the configuration of the wall space where the microwave duct will
1. Read the instructions and safety warnings thoroughly. There's a lot of stuff you need to know in that little booklet. Ad. 2. Plug your microwave in. Don't plug too many appliances
Microwave towers are simply masts for transceivers that use frequencies above 1 gigahertz. Due to the shortness of the wave length, the normal types of radio aerials are not efficient
The Microwave was used to cook food.
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What Are Microwaves Used for?
Microwaves are very high-frequency radio waves in the electromagnetic spectrum. Their name comes from their extremely short wave length, which varies from 1 mm to 1 m long. Microwaves are nonionizing and do not carry the same risk as ionizing radiation... More »
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Microwaves are used for heating or warming food. They are advantageous as they cook the food much faster than other cooking methods. Other use of microwaves is seen in the communication sector where signals are transmitted from one place to another.
Microwaves or conventional ovens are used to warm or cook food at a much faster time then a regular oven. They are also used to defrost frozen food.
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