What Are Mirrors Made out of?


Mirrors are made out of glass, but the back side of the glass is coated with a silver paint or coating. Silver is perfectly reflective which is why we have an exact representation of ourselves looking back at us. Mirrors don't lie. You can find more information here: http://www.glasswebsite.com/video/mirror.asp
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Did you know that you could make at home a mirror as good, if not better than those sold in the market? The process of how mirrors are made is very simple, and the ingredients or
Silver or aluminum. They can be chemically deposited on the glass. See here for products and info for making your own mirrors: http://angelgilding.com/mirror-k... Embed
silicon sand from sri lanka or japan.
The sorts of mirrors one sees on walls or in bathrooms are of a type known as back-silvered
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What Are Mirrors Made Out of?
Mirrors are such a ubiquitous part of life that most people don't give them a second thought. From vanity mirrors that let us see how we look, to safety mirrors that help us drive, to industrial mirrors that help us understand the wonders of outer space,... More »
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Unfortunately there is no way to repair a mirror crack. Mirrors are made in one piece and must be replaced when the glass is damaged. ...
Mirrors are made up of layers of glass. Now usually when light travels it will travel in a straight unless it hits something, BUT when light hits a mirror it bounces ...
The reason why breaking mirrors is considered bad luck by many people is because of the link cultures have made between the mirror and the human soul. The idea ...
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